They had publicized vast, yet quick polls.One referring to Homosexual marriage and the other to the death penalty. Both exceeded the majority on the opposing side. I was in the living room, when he begins to ranter out in rage how that’s so unnatural and against God’s will, and that they don’t need any more rights than they already have. I of course, just sit in silent nod my head both ways. It wasn’t until he asked me what I would have voted for what would I choose – due to the fact that the man was an influential person in my life I couldn’t speak the truth – out of respect, so I answered in favor of him. But I did share my thoughts on the death penalty. I for one, am against the death penalty and murdering amnesty out of revenge – because that’s what it is, it isn’t a punishment, it’s a well organized corporation deal where you have to kill someone because they killed and costs well over a million dollars, it’s insane. How can one be punished by injecting a needle full of whatever chemical as they slowly fall asleep and die-PRISON is the real punishment. Do we really think the government sees this as justice, and not as some beneficial outcome out of it, seeing as it costs millions of dollars? Yeah, I don’t think so. Besides the fact that the Constitution clearly states against unusual punishments, and deprivation of life.. Also, I may be me wrong (but it’s my opinion) but I believe EVERY human being is entitled to a second chance in life, now I’m not saying let him out of his cell – but right there where he has to spend the rest of his life, a bit of change in character can happen. It sickens me how people are so quick to wish death on one because he killed someone or committed a crime – their rage overpowers their sense of logic and reasoning, it’s propestorous. Anyway, as the man and I discuss the topic, he confesses that he does believe that the death penalty is the solution to many problems. I was in awe; a very high-conservative well reserved man considers the death penalty correct “depending” on the situation. The amazing thing I grasped out of all this, is that he was also Pro-Life; that’s great, I respect your opinion towards that, but how can one be Pro-Life and Pro-Death Penalty? It must be pretty confusing to decide a certain situation when you don’t exactly know where you stand. I quickly opposed to the idea, and he answered with: “You say that because you have no kids, if you have a son and they kill him, you would want justice to act upon and have him killed.” That is when I asked him, what if one of your sons turned out to be Gay? He was speechless..I left the room and quickly began to write this blog. 

“To take a life when a life has been lost is revenge, not justice.” 
-Desmond Tutu

“The reality is that capital punishment in America is a lottery. It is a punishment that is shaped by the constraints of poverty, race, geography and local politics.” 
-Bryan Stevenson, Death Row lawyer