Walking towards the front door filled with Christmas ornaments and bright red lights, an old rusty looking man (I mean, old of course ’cause he looked pretty centuries ol to me) greeted me like no one has ever greeted me before. 

Mr. Rusty: “Hola! Bienvenida, Dios te bendiga!”

I shook his hand and he almost jumped towards me with immense joy, almost too much to be true. As I walk through the hallway I catch a glance of a poster like frame with a bible scripture stating: “Todo lo puedo en Cristo que me fortalece” I walk through another door to reach the area where it all goes down, and I see a stampede of people approaching me just to say hello. I thought it was pretty welcoming and kind of them to do so. I sit down next to my parents and all the chairs are in a nice row, approximately 100-150 chairs, a mini stage towards the front with two persian, era like chairs on each corner. Everyone is seated and a man, not so tall, chunky with a suit and tie walks out a door and steps into the “mini stage”. He greets everyone: “Dios les bendiga mis hermanos..” and he goes on stating bible verses and singing hymns. He then asks everyone to open up their bibles to Matthew 2:4. Everyone stands rapidly and their eyes are focused on that man and with each finger placed on the bible section. I look astonished at how robotic and disciplined these people behave.

Throughout the entire hour, he preaches about how this world needs God and how our former government officials need God, the society in all. He begins to state how corrupted this society is (even though WE are society, but whatever). The man then begins to shout a little louder and starts to dictate a number of sins that are unacceptable in God’s throne. He begins with homosexuality and continues with homosexuality and remains in that area. The man starts to talk about how men are getting their eye-brows waxed and their legs shaved and their ears pierced and how thats not a “masculine thing to do”. As I listen to his message I look around and see several couples and families which have a long history behind them. I glance at one couple who are happily sitting together, and surpassed the fact that his wis wife had cheated on him a few years back and doesn’t know that the daughter he has raised isn’t his. I catch an eye on another family where the husband lives or lived a double life, seeing as he had a wife, 3 kids and left her to a better “younger version” (which looks like piglet to me) and had 2 kids with her. I look at this family where the wife still has scars of when her husband used to beat her. And finally, I see this young man around his late 20’s who is rumored to be gay. His expression is indifferent and his body stiff. It almost made me feel uncomfortable. As I look around the church, I realize how many sins have been comitted and are still in the air unresolved. I listen to how this man ridicules homosexuality as target of dishonor to humanity. Yet, he forgets all the other sins which are clearly stated in the bible. I begin to wonder to myself, are some sins more sinful than others? Or is this just a tyranny full of hypocrites and a man who sets an image of all that is holy.

After that message was finished two men got up with red sacks in hand. A song is put on and they begin row by row as each sack is giving to each person, one by one while they place money into it, others placed envelopes (checks). The man with the suit and tie gives some last announcements and emphasis that we must give God our 10% of what we make in order for Him to bless our 90% (I’m pretty sure that mathematics is by faith). After the entire service was over everyone got up and I had a brief flashback of high school and how the different type of people clicked and formed a group depending on their hobbies, personality or looks; in this case it was determined by their degree of sinful actions.

To cut this story short, I thought I’d share my daily routine on Sunday mornings specifically so that people know what it’s like in words to visit a Baptish church. I blog this freely with all respect and show the degree of discrimination and judgmental, hypocritical behavior taken place in God’s pesence. That is all.