Ten years have gone by since the death of her husband Kevin. His body was never found and there was no evidence of who killed him or where he was killed, it is not even certain that he was killed. His wife, now widowed is sitting on a rocking chair glooming outside her window like she does every afternoon right before the sunsets. You can hear the whizzing air breezing through the trees and all you can hear was the sound of your breathing. The woman sitting inside still blissfully staring outside her window begins to smile, but not a pleasing or compassionate smile, but a terrifying, chilling almost cold hearted smile, as if she had been happy to do something evil or wicked.

            Everyone in that neighborhood feared that woman, rumors were said she had skeletons hidden in her closet and that her basement was filled with corpses but empty. Why would someone keep corpses empty in their home, down in their basement? No one knew, except for her. Many people have tried to figure it out but she never allowed visitors to step any closer than her gate, and her family members gave up on her ever since her husband died, therefore she lives all alone. The days went by and every afternoon the woman would sit in front of her window looking at the isolated street.

           One afternoon as the children living in the neighborhood played outside it began to rain and thunder really hard. They were demanded to go back inside, and the kids from their window stared out to it, and they saw how the lady began to walk slowly outside to the middle of the street. She stood there for about 20 minutes not caring that it was pouring. She smiled, that smile again with more strength this time, but this time something happened, something that had never happened in that town before.

          The trees began to shake rapidly, the cement began to tremble and every creature in that town disappeared into their caves, some neighbors had horses, and the horses began to run around frightened. All of a sudden the woman disappears into the abyss of the rain the children became shocked surprised, curious to what had happened so they open their front door and find an envelope with a letter inside it. The letter contained spots of red, and it read: “you too will pass on to the next world, joining Kevin, tell him I said hello will you?” The kids automatically ran to their room got in bed and covered themselves from head to toe. The letter brought them fear, goose bumps and a troubling sense of evil. They look one more time outside the window it was foggy and not visible, but what they did see was the lady, sitting on her rocking chair, smiling to the isolated street.