It continues to sadden me, and I’m still in awe with the unforgettable, dramatic yet unfortunate event that took place in Newton, CT. Im taking the time now to write a brief recognition to those innocent children who’s lives have been taken in a despicable manner. I can’t say I know what all this feels like or mourn like those loving parents, but I can honestly say that this event caused many hearts to sink and the pain dealt with is one too much. With events like this one, we see how we, as Americans can ultimately relate and get together as one nation; filled with compassion and strength for those who no longer have their children with them. For those children who have been horrifically murdered are now innocent souls and angels looking upon this nation-innocent children who look down heaven to their parents. Those loving parents who received that call or that text with the news that her or his son or daughter has been injured, present and/or killed; your child is now in a better place, and know that only God has the ability to give you the strength you need to surpass this. The people involved in the shooting who committed this awful crime to those children and to those parents who are now in a difficult phase; they shall also pay for what they have committed, for everything in this world is paid up front sooner or later. But let’s not wish or continue pensive hatred towards those, rather pray that their conscious doesn’t eat them away. Let’s not forget a hero that saved the lives of 16 angels, and because of her we can still hope for a better world. This event can be a time where WE all as Americans stop and think of what our lives and customs and freedoms have led us to become. As our president Obama stated: “These tragedies must end. And to end them, we must change.” Sandy Hook Elementary School will always be an unforgettable event where history has been made and marked people’s lives for years to come. Those children will never be forgotten and let this be a reminder that we are all one nation under God.

R.I.P Sandy Hook Elementary School Children