I want to take this time and write something brief about the year 2012. Before anything, I want and must thank God for the lessons learned and for the abundant amount of blessings I’ve received this year. This year has been hectic, with a bundle of happiness thanks to the people who are always there for me. Through all the phases and obstacles I’ve gained strength and firmness. I also want to acknowledge the opportunities I’ve had during this year to continue the path of pursuing my goals. My family, which there are really no words to describe how thankful I am for them and for all their unconditional love. Last but not least I want to thank God for the amazing boyfriend I have; his support, love and care get me through each day. I can say that I’m ready for 2013 and for the years to come. This year was definitely full of lessons learned; I thank God for them-the good and the bad and for the people brought into my life for the better. Looking forward to another year full of blessings.